Green Certified

Better for Today. And Tomorrow

At Distinctive Homes, we're singularly focused on superior living and on staying true to the promise of 'green' and growing continually greener; and we encourage each of our employees to embrace and help enlarge this commitment. For our owners, this translates first of all into using less energy (and saving more money). Over time, it means a healthier home that costs less to own. And for the foreseeable future, it means a healthier, happier planet.

Thinking Ahead.

We believe that everyone and every builder has a responsibility to protect the environment and leave a healthy planet for the generations to come. We're serious about doing our part.

Guaranteed Performance

While Distinctive Homes is 100% BuiltGreen Certified, we're by no means content to simply meet industry standards for green living. We approach even the most rigorous standards with a view to exceeding them. As such, owning a Distinctively Green Certified home will help you do your part for the environment and, of course, to enjoy the significant cost savings that superior energy efficiency delivers.

We assign one field representative to your home to ensure consistent quality and high efficiency from start to finish. And instead of relying on periodic quality inspections, we frequently conduct comprehensive reviews and keep you, the homeowner, involved throughout the entire process.

Built Green Certificate Testing Protocol

An independent inspector tests every Distinctive Home for duct-tightness, air-tightness and pressure-balancing. Visual inspections are done for framing, thermal envelope and ventilation detection.

The Distinctively Green Difference is in the Details

The differences our sincere commitment to green living make can result in cost savings and enhanced comfort to our home owners. See the link below to read the details of our Distinctively Green Program, from appliances to windows to insulation and more.

No hassles, it's all included!

Because we take your comfort and satisfaction very seriously, we design and construct every Distinctive Home with all the green features you'll need. There will be no need to call back contractors for add-ons and retrofits, no extra costs to get your home even greener, no second guessing or 'maybe we should haves'. Once you move in, you can simply start living.