Doors are an often overlooked part of the décor, and that’s a shame. They can add a lot of visual interest and functionality to a room or entryway. Today we’ll discuss several different types of doors, and how they can be used to upgrade or enhance your home.


Barn Doors

A barn door is characterized by its sliding horizontal motion. The door is mounted with hooks or rollers on a track, and then slid to the side to provide room access. Barn doors are elegant and although often made of wood for that rustic, country look, can be made out of any type of suitable material. An advantage barn doors have over other types of doors is how much space they save. By sliding instead of swinging open, barn doors are the ideal solution for narrow hallways and tight spaces. You’ll see them as separators too – they can be closed or opened to expand a dining room and den, or to create private sleeping quarters in a shared room.

interior sliding barn door


French Doors

French doors are two side-by-side doors that provide a barrier or separation, while maintaining visual access. They are characterized by large windows and the ability to pivot both doors open at the same time, one opening to the left and one opening to the right. Due to the amount of clearance needed for the doors, and with their signature large windows, French doors are most often used for patio or backyard access. This allows groups of people to pass through, creating an indoor/outdoor gathering space, and also allows the homeowners to get plenty of natural light and a beautiful view.


Panelled Doors

A panelled door has square or rectangular impressions, typically between two or six. The panels provide visual interest and style. An arched top panel gives a little old-world charm. A set of six symmetrical panels adds a balanced look in a room with minimalism décor. Panelled doors are the most common type of doors and are used for entrance and home interior applications. They are cost effective and come in a variety of styles and colours. They can also be painted to suit a particular room or style.


Solid Wood

Solid wood doors are heavy, durable, and classic. They can be panelled, solid, made from reclaimed wood, made from barn wood, or even repurposed from older buildings. They are a wonderful way to complete a rustic look, a cabin, or to add natural elements to a room. Some wood doors are very basic so you can easily paint them. Others are ornate and decorated with iron accessories. You can enhance the look of your wood door by buying old-world style hinges and locks for an easy DIY upgrade.


Don’t Underestimate Doors!

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