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Why you should buy a home in Canmore, Alberta 

Whether you are looking to relocate to the mountains permanently or seeking a location for early retirement, buying a home in Canmore is not only part of an investment strategy; it is quickly becoming a necessity for those who want to vacation close to home or live near family while enjoying the scenery and splendour of their own province. 

Canmore makes a great place to settle in for the long haul. There is plenty to do here; Canmore is a natural paradise, full of forested slopes and rocky peaks with plenty of space for you to roam and enjoy the endless outdoor activities. While living in Canmore you will be surrounded by majestic mountains and beautiful alpine lakes making it the perfect place for an outdoor enthusiast or someone who just loves relaxing in nature. Canmore also has city-like amenities, such as grocery stores, spas, and boutique shops. Making Canmore a well-rounded community for today and the future. 

It’s time to buy the right type of real estate for you and your family 

If you are a first-time homebuyer, are looking for a weekend getaway or somewhere you can eventually retire, then you may want to consider purchasing a condominium in Canmore. Here at Distinctive Homes, we have the very best in luxury homes. Our real estate listings include, centrally located 2 bedrooms and 2 baths in downtown Canmore, to large penthouse units overlooking the entire Bow Valley, within Three Sisters Mountain Village. 

Why buy a condominium as a vacation property 

With the current global situation, vacationing closer to home has become very popular. If you are living in Edmonton, Calgary or the surrounding area and frequently making trips out to the mountains, the idea of owning your own place in Canmore, Alberta just seems like the perfect next step. Instead of continually paying high prices on vacation rentals or hotels, you could put your money toward a more permanent investment. 

Purchasing a condo as a vacation property is an affordable, worry-free and convenient option. Think about how often you will be using your home in the mountains. It can be the perfect place to store all your mountain gear so that you aren’t transporting it every time you come for a visit. As well, you don’t have to worry about clearing the snow if a storm happens while you are away. 

If you are an Albertan who wishes to enjoy the scenery and splendour of their own province, then Canmore is the perfect town for you to buy your perfect vacation home.   

A drive time of under an hour from Calgary and four from Edmonton makes it convenient to go for weekend visits, without spending all your precious time off on the road. Canmore also resides right off highway one, making it ideal for knowing your travel time and predicting delays or closures during winter weather. Your new Canmore home will become the go-to spot for the family, to host a girls’ weekend, or even for the annual family reunion.

Benefits of condo life 

Low Maintenance. 

A condominium has a multitude of benefits, especially if you won’t be living there in your home full time. The exterior maintenance of the property is taken care of leaving you to enjoy the inside of your home while you are here, or leave knowing that your home is well cared for. 

An affordable option. 

Choosing to own a home in the mountains is a popular choice amongst many who enjoy doing outdoor activities or those who choose to leave the city life behind. Because land development is limited in mountainous communities, it can drive property value up. 

Condominiums, however, are usually less expensive than single-family homes, making them good options for homebuyers on a budget or people looking to downsize and retire. Especially in Canmore, purchasing a condominium as a starter home is a great way to get into the market and build your portfolio. 

There is a strong chance that it will be your retirement home

If you are buying a vacation home for your retirement, then it might be worthwhile to explore the idea of a condominium for plans for the long haul. The benefits of downsizing for retirement are endless, including being able to meet new people in the building and developing relationships within the community. Less upkeep is needed, fewer rooms to clean and the exterior maintenance is taken care of.

It’s time to find an agent 

Now that you have seen the benefits of buying a condominium in Canmore, pretty soon it’s time for a conversation with a realtor. Here at Distinctive Homes, we have our own successful new home consultants and real estate agents. Our experienced agents are ready to work directly with you on finding your dream home.

Our senior consultant Lori Mitchell has called the Bow Valley home for 30 years, working as a successful realtor since 2001. Her wealth of experience in the area and market makes her the perfect candidate to help in the home buying process. As a direct link to Distinctive Homes, Lori will be able to answer any questions regarding the home building processes. This includes customization options, possession dates and more.

No need to make compromises with Distinctive Homes 

If you are not looking for a home to have all the family over, but something to which you can just escape to the mountains, our Distinctive Homes condos at Lookout Ridge and Seventh and Seventh provide the perfect place for you to truly enjoy mountain living. These homes maintain all the comforts of a larger home but without outdoor maintenance. They include underground heated parking, large storage lockers, and stunning mountain views with direct access to biking and hiking trails.

The best of contemporary living, paired with the quality craftsmanship you know and expect from Distinctive Homes. Our move-in ready homes at both Seventh and Seventh and Lookout Ridge await you today! Because it’s time for you to leave the city behind and seize the opportunity to live in a place where you can enjoy nature, culture and food. Our sales team is here to help, so book today for your own private tour and see for yourself why we are the top-rated home developer in Canmore, Alberta

Condominiums for sale in Canmore

Where in Canmore suits you? 

The Residences at Seventh and Seventh

Do you love being a part of all the action? Distinctive Homes offers an exclusive opportunity for you to own a unique part of the downtown Canmore real estate. With our new luxury development, The Residences at Seventh and Seventh,  you could be situated in an unbeatable location. Seventh and Seventh features everything you need and want right outside your doorstep! 

Lookout Ridge 

Are you seeking to live in the mountains to become closer to nature? Distinctive Homes Three Sisters location offers the very best in condo living with a stunning view right off the mountain ridge. These condos are directly connected to hiking and biking trails making it the ultimate location to start your mountain adventures. Lookout Ridge even has its own private courtyard that looks directly out to the mountain vistas. Creating its own personal peaceful vibe that is like no other in the valley.