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For some visitors, experiencing Canmore is enough to leave them at a loss for words to describe their time here, and they are left wanting more. From the towering jagged peaks of the Canadian Rockies to the epic adventures that await them there, the friendly atmosphere and the vibrant community are all enough to have visitors ready to stay forever. In addition to the location, Canmore boasts home to outstanding dining, fabulous shopping, and a backdrop of awe-inspiring beauty. 

It’s no secret that the main reason to move to Canmore is the amazing Canadian Rocky Mountains and the views that you can only find in Canmore! Imagine: waking up every day to the ever-changing and dramatic Rocky Mountain scenery. Watch the clouds make their way through the valley, weaving and dodging the mountain peaks, as they gather precipitation to make a winter you won’t soon want to miss. As the sun dips below the mountain tops, making way for the night sky, the clouds are splashed with all the colours of the rainbow for quite some time, following in the sun’s wake as it bids adieu for the day. 

It’s clear that living in a mountain town is mostly about the outdoors, but you can also be a devoted foodie! Within Canmore, the vibrant culinary scene has exploded with worlds of possibilities for every palate. With new fusion restaurants such as Crazyweed, Kain Tayo or even Four Two Nine Six, your taste buds will never tire while living in Canmore. Not to be forgotten, the Canmore Mountain Market also runs every Thursday at Canmore’s Elevation Place and hosts a plethora of delicious food carts and artisan snacks sure to keep your cravings satiated. 

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Living in the mountains is about living the lifestyle. Canmore is one mountain community that will inspire and push your personal boundaries to try new things, adventure further, and live an active outdoor lifestyle. Canmore is in one hour driving distance to 3 major ski hills, the world-renowned Canmore Nordic Centre with extensive hiking trails, paddling, rafting, cycling, and climbing all waiting right outside your doorstep. When you choose Distinctive Homes Lookout Ridge, you have abundant adventures and plenty of trailheads fit for any comfort level literally at your doorstep. Hike up Ha Ling Peak, one of Canmore’s iconic peaks, take your mountain bike along the fun and cruisey Highline Trail or take your furry pal for a walk along the Three Sisters pathway. All of this awaits you and more, right here in Canmore. 

Being part of a small mountain community like Canmore is a great and rewarding experience; the people who live here are invested in the community and have an appreciation for one another and the beautiful place they live. When moving into a small mountain community and becoming a local you’ll quickly get to know your neighbours and those in the community who are business owners, and Canmore will truly feel like home. If you choose to live at The Residences at Seventh and Seventh you will be right in the heart of downtown, and immersed in the amazing community here in Canmore! All of the amenities you’ll need are just a hop, skip, and a jump away from your doorstep. Everything you’ll need and more is right here, in Canmore Alberta.