It’s time to get into the Canmore housing market…NOW! 

It has become abundantly clear that the Canmore housing market is showing no signs of slowing down. Here in Canmore this year’s housing market has carried forward into the first quarter of 2021 with similar themes to last year. This red hot housing market only continues to defy expectations with sales only going up. Much of this shift in home buying has been directed by the fact that most homeowners are now free to reside anywhere, and are no longer dependent on their proximity to the office, as well as low interest rates offered by the banks. 

With the fact that remote work environments are most likely here to stay has led many homeowners re-assessing where they want to plant their roots and reevaluating the city. This story is not only being told here in Alberta, but all over the country. With the housing markets across Canada seeing a trend in leaving the life of the big city behind with homeowners setting their sights on destinations far beyond their pre-COVID commute boundary, and with a town as beautiful as Canmore, could anyone resist the opportunity to permanently move to the mountains? 


The benefits of working from home in the mountains.  

As working from home becomes the new normal many homeowners within the cities head toward more rural areas. It is a trend that has been years in the making, and we all just needed a little nudge in the right direction. Living in more rural areas promise relaxation, adventure and entertainment. So who can blame homeowners wanting to make the move to Canmore, Alberta. Let’s face it, when you own a home in the mountains all you really want to do is embrace the mountain lifestyle of biking, hiking, and skiing.

Many of us, including employers, are seeing personal and productive benefits to moving your office to your home, and even more so when you move your home to the mountains. Living and working in a home that gives you the opportunity to be closer to nature only has added benefits. By choosing to live and work closer to the outdoors you are already choosing a healthier lifestyle. When you live directly by a network of trails it is easy for you to pop out on your lunch break for a quick hike or bike ride. You are also going to be able to reset and recharge out in mother nature way faster. You will no longer be wasting your early mornings sitting in the car, but instead heading up the mountain for an early sunrise hike. 

Condos for sale downtown Canmore, Alberta

Time to hunt for your ideal home. 

As mentioned before across the country home owners are packing up and leaving the city behind and moving to more rural areas, and Calgarians are no exception. With Canmore only an hour away from the big city, Canmore properties are being snatched up. Not only is it popular among adventure-enthusiasts, but also to those looking for some peace and quiet with all amenities they require. 

Canmore is a town that appeals to many, but especially those who are looking to get out of the city with a great internet connection. Canmore, Alberta has quickly become one of the most desirable mountain towns in the Canadian Rockies. Beautiful and enchanting, Canmore offers a laid-back lifestyle, with a strong sense of community and incredible mountain views. Enclosed by the world-famous Rocky Mountain range, featuring sprawling peaks and majestical rivers. Canmore’s small town vibe with large town amenities draws all those looking for the perfect home and office space.  

When deciding on your new Canmore home, it is important to think about what type of home suits you and your guests or families needs. All Distinctive Homes condos, duplexes, and single family homes were designed with mountain living in mind, with underground parking, large garages, and plenty of storage for your mountain gear. 

Here at Distinctive Homes, we design and build homes that excite and complement life in the mountains. Accentuating the amazing mountain views through large vaulted windows and allowing for plenty of natural light to enter the home. No matter where you decide to purchase your new mountain home with Distinctive Homes, you will always be directly connected with an abundance of nature trails. Letting you enjoy nature faster, which will help both physically and mentally when you take breaks while working from your mountain home. 


Buying a home in Canmore, Alberta

Make it a possibility. 

Not only has the work from home revolution played a part in homeowners packing up and leaving the city but interest rates have also played a major role in the Canadian rest estate market. Over the past year as homeowners and buyers jump into this market. For individuals and families who have long dreamt of securing a property of their dreams, these record low interest rates have served as an incentive to make such a purchase a reality!

There is still time for you to take full advantage of these rates, but you must move quickly while the government of Canada is still committed to these low rates until the “economic slack is absorbed”.

With the summer season quickly approaching, this segment of the real estate market is only anticipated to heat up. So don’t wait to find your dream mountain home. 


Stay in the know. 

While demand rises, inventory within the Canmore housing market can fluctuate with a demand that shows no signs of slowing down. Join the Distinctive Homes mailing list for our latest news and our developing Canmore home projects, because you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity of owning in the Canadian Rockies.