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Canmore, the gateway to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, can be a tough real estate market for the new home buyer to get into. Single-family homes are few and far between, and fetch eye-watering prices. A mountain duplex presents a great opportunity for the new homeowner to get into the attractive real estate market and call Canmore home.

Modern building practices and Distinctive Homes’ commitment to quality mean attached homes that give a sense of solitude a homeowner could normally find only in detached single-family properties. A duplex presents a value proposition in a market segment that would be otherwise unattainable for the newer homeowner.

Canmore’s unique mountain market is a fine balance between the desire to live in proximity to nature and the requirement not to disturb it. The Rocky Mountains bound Canmore on all sides, both limiting and defining the built environment. At Distinctive Homes we believe in building beautiful mountain duplexes that are ideally suited for their proximity to Canmore’s natural Rocky Mountain beauty, and this means green building practices.

A view of our kitchen available in our Alder and Pine units.
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Custom luxury doesn’t have to mean giving up on environmental standards. The importance of sustainable environmental practices has never been more apparent, but Distinctive Homes has embraced environmentally responsible building practices since long before ESG became fashionable. To demonstrate our commitment to these standards, we created our Distinctively Green Program. The difficulty for the new home buyer of finding a single-family home at all in Canmore means that if you can find one at all, it is likely getting on in its years and was built with little or no concern for efficiency or sustainability. Bringing it up to the kind of standards a homeowner should expect in 2021 is expensive – and usually results in the kind of lifelong-project house in which many of us were raised.

Enter the peace of mind that is a custom new construction. Older homes often require many unforeseen and expensive repairs. Many surprise improvements required in the early years following your purchase result from the evolving standards and expectations of modern homeowners, particularly new ones. These improvements can be difficult to factor into the advertised price of an older home, netting unadvertised costs that can add up quickly. Bringing an older home up to today’s greener environmental standards is both difficult and costly.

A new mountain duplex rules out these hidden costs and, coupled with Distinctive Homes’ warranty and standards of quality, will require no surprise upkeep, leaving you with peace of mind and more time to enjoy Canmore’s natural beauty. A new Distinctive Homes mountain duplex build is born up-to-date: the new buyer can take its Built Green Certified standards for granted. We combine high-performance energy efficiency with state-of-the-art ventilation and air filtration, giving you indoor air quality to match that of Canmore’s mountain breezes, meaning a healthier home and a healthier you. All of this packaged in a modern duplex can get the new home buyer’s foot in the door of Canmore’s unique and exclusive housing market, with all of the seclusion and privacy advantages of a single-family home.