Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park has indoor and outdoor activities and can be enjoyed year-round. The provincial park spans 1,988.73 Acres/ 804.84 hectares.


Canmore Nordic Centre History

When you step foot on the grounds, you follow in the path of Olympians! Canmore Nordic Centre was built for the 1988 Winter Olympics. The cross-country skiing and biathlon facilities were used during the games. The park saw high-level action once again during the 1991 Winter Deaflympics when the slalom events were held on site.


What Should I Know Before Going to Canmore Nordic Centre?

Since this is a provincial park, check the trail report and any associated advisories before visiting. In addition to mask requirements, which are listed under advisories, you’ll learn if any trails are inaccessible due to weather conditions or maintenance, and if there are bears active in the area. You may be requested to bring bear spray for your protection.


What are the Facilities at Canmore Nordic Centre?

The facilities on site include a day lodge with five private meeting rooms for rental and the Bill Warren Training Centre that has meeting rooms and indoor gym/athletic rooms. The Biathlon building also has meeting rooms. Individual wax rooms for skiers are on site but may not be available during tournaments and events.


Outdoor facilities include areas for cross country skiing, biathlon, and other winter sports. During the summer guests enjoy hiking trails, a mountain biking skills park, orienteering courses, and disk golf.

disk golf

Safety on Site

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, so too do the safety precautions. A red banner at the top of the website will take you to the most current COVID-19 recommendations. The pandemic, however, is not the only thing to be concerned about.


Any time you are out in nature skiing, hiking, etc., be sure someone knows where you are. Carry a cell phone and let someone at home know when you expect to be back. Should you be hurt or caught in unexpected bad weather, this precaution can save your life.


In addition to wildlife, which you should never approach, poachers sometimes frequent provincial parks. Do not approach a poacher. Steer clear of them and the area they are hunting in, and report them to the authorities.


A Great Place to Have Fun

Canmore is a great place to live thanks to a variety of short and long-term housing options, endless blue skies, and plenty of space for summer and winter outdoor fun. A diverse population lives in town year-round and there are many shops and services that include healthcare and recreational shopping. The Nordic Provincial Park is just one more element that keeps people visiting, and locals loving, Canmore.