One of the first things people look for when looking at a home to purchase is the availability of storage – and for good reason. Even the most beautiful home in the most ideal neighbourhood becomes burdensome if the mud room lacks space for shoes and coats, the garage barely fits two cars let alone tires or tools, or – the nightmare of every home cook – the kitchen lacks space and functionality. It doesn’t have to be that way! This blog will discuss how to find storage in your home.

Storage where you least expect it

Small homes have a reputation for lacking storage, but you don’t need a roomy mansion to get the storage spaces you need. Opportunities abounds in every room. A good trick is to utilize vertical space. Install shelving, hooks, or even a bookcase. For example, a bookcase in the mudroom with baskets on some of the shelves instantly provides space for shoes, scarves, mitts, and purses. Add some hooks and you’ll never trip over your child’s backpack again. Tidy up the bathroom with over-the-toilet shelving units. Suddenly that extra space can hold toilet paper, cosmetics, and towels. Double the duty of shelves you already have. A cabinet with big spaces between shelves increases in useable volume with the addition of a simple rack.

Find Storage in Your Home Room by Room

The bedroom: Bed raised off the floor? You’ve discovered an excellent place to add vinyl or cloth drawers. If your bed is high enough you can even go with decorative baskets to add a little more charm. Using under-bed space to find storage in your home gives you an ideal place to stash items like sweaters, swimwear, gym clothes and socks, pyjamas, and accessories.  Speaking of accessories, add hooks to your closet wall to hang and organize your necklaces and scarves.

The bathroom: We’ve discussed adding shelving over the toilet, so now it’s time to look below – below the sink that is. Whether enclosed in a vanity or not, under the sink is a great place to find storage in your home. Use baskets if you don’t have a vanity to take advantage of this space. A fun hack is to also hang a flexible shoe rack over the back of the bathroom door. Now you have a great place to put extra shampoo, soap, razors, band aids, etc.

The kitchen: Take a trip down the organization lane at any home store and you’ll find a ton of simple yet highly effective solutions to create extra storage in your kitchen. Tension rods allow you to place baking pans vertically in the cupboard instead of horizontally. A small cart doubles as a coffee station, removing bulky mugs and coffee canisters from your counter. Low drawer sets are great places for onions, potatoes and flour in your pantry.

kitchen storage shelf

The living room: Put your furniture to good use by making it do double duty. Coffee tables, ottomans, and end tables that open up to reveal hidden spaces help you find storage in your home.

Distinctive Homes Plans with Storage in Mind

There is a misconception out there that condos are smaller than single family homes and therefore storage is lacking. Distinctive Homes disrupts this notion. We put thoughtful and efficient storage spaces into every unit. Not only are our footprints on par with smaller single-family homes, we pay rigorous attention to functionality and flow, ensuring there is plenty of room for your clothes, your kitchen appliances, sports equipment, musical instruments, and more. Visit a Distinctive Homes sales office or show suite to learn more.