Canmore is famous as a tourist destination for anyone who loves untamed natural beauty, soaring mountains, and a friendly atmosphere among residents and tourists alike. Plenty of people from all over the world visit Canmore to take advantage of these attributes, but why visit when you could enjoy this town all year round? Here are four great reasons to retire in Canmore.

1.      Retire in Canmore to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

In some urban areas it can be difficult to maintain an active lifestyle and with current distancing rules in place, heading to the gym is an exercise in caution – that is, if the gym of your choice is even open. Outdoor recreation is recommended over indoor activities and nature is accessible 24/7. Canmore has more than 71 kilometres of multi-use trails and that’s just within the Town limits! Just a short drive and there are options for skiing, rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, bird watching, and biking. When you retire in Canmore, maintaining an active lifestyle is as easy as heading outside for an endless array of nature-inspired activities.

2.      Retire in Canmore and be Close to Professional Services

You do not need to head to Calgary or any other big city to get the professional services you need. Retire in Canmore and you have access to the 70+ bed hospital staffed with doctors and surgeons. Dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, and therapists as also readily accessible. Retire in Canmore and you can stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

3.      Retire in Canmore to Indulge Your Hobbies

Just because you have retired doesn’t mean you want to be idle. Retirees love having time to indulge in their passions, volunteer, or take up new hobbies. There is no shortage of extracurricular activities in Canmore. Unique brewing companies have craft beer and sodas on tap, the famous Rocky Mountain Soap Factory has workshop tours, there’s a golf and curling club, and so much more to explore.

4.      Retire in Canmore for the Diversity of People and Services

Canmore’s diverse population is just over 14,000 residents. You’ll be among peers, and among people who have interesting things to share based on their life experience. A town of this size has everything you need, arts & culture, shopping, dining, ministries, and more to discover!

Retire with Distinctive Homes in Canmore

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