Ditch the City for the Canmore Mountain Lifestyle 

downtown Canmore

Albertans live in an environment that is admired internationally; hiking trails, world-class skiing, and views that would make any Instagram scroller green with envy. However, many Albertans have been born into a city-based lifestyle, a stark contrast to the wild beauty that surrounds us. The conditioned comfort of the city has countless individuals accepting a life spent in Deerfoot traffic and Crowfoot construction. Little do they know there is a whole wilderness of adventures in the mountain air to be enjoying. Is your life ready for a healthy change? Consider a move to Canmore for outdoor adventures, connecting with nature, and forming new relationships in a community that values our True North. 

What a Mountain Lifestyle Has To Offer

Canmore, Alberta offers an escape to the picturesque mountain lifestyle that millions of people can only dream of enjoying. Regarded as a natural paradise, Canmore possesses the beauty and charm that few other destinations could ever match. Located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canmore offers unparalleled opportunities for outdoor recreation alongside world-class dining and shopping. Skiers, hikers, and foodies alike are encouraged to explore their desires in this mountainside community. Escape the city pollution to work, play, and live in paradise in the Town of Canmore. 

While the adventure of Canmore is calling, know that a move to Canmore doesn’t necessarily mean the big city convenience is out of reach. Conveniently located, Canmore is just 45 minutes from the bustle of Calgary. Canmore’s proximity to amenities, yet, escapist scene offers truly the best of both worlds in its desirable location. Allow your commute to transform from rush hour into a wilderness retreat of mountain goats, natural lakes, and lodgepole pines. The Town of Canmore offers its residents a lifestyle of a relaxing mountain soul and commitment to environmental sustainability. All while still offering the convenience and amenities of the bigger city. The Town of Canmore has almost everything the big city has, including a variety of restaurants, cafes, stores, and schools. 

Canmore Activities

Whether you’re an avid outdoorsman, or brand new to healthy living, Canmore offers year-round opportunities with nature. In Canmore, there is always an adventure waiting in your own backyard. Crystal clear lakes are a fisherman’s paradise; canoe, paddleboard, or swim in these natural wonders uniquely pigmented from mountain minerals. The countless peaks offer opportunity to develop skills in hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. If you’re partial to winter sports, enjoy skiing and snowboarding at world-class resorts like Sunshine Village and Lake Louise. Canmore is home to the Nordic Centre which housed several of the 1988 Winter Olympic events. The Canmore Nordic Centre, which is located in town, offers a variety of cross-country ski tracks which are suitable for all abilities. For the adventure-loving single, or family looking to raise their children with a greater appreciation for nature, Canmore offers an unbeatable experience. 

Community Living

Perhaps you don’t feel connected to city living because of its fast pace and disregard for community spirit? With only 14,000 residents Canmore offers the charm of small-town living where neighbours become friends connected by their natural environment. Canmore locals offer a wonderful sense of belonging and a strong sense of community.

You’ll find the Canmore locals gathering at the Canmore Brewing Company or at The Grizzly Paw which both feature locally brewed beers and sodas with a buzzing patio during the spring and summertime. The Town of Canmore also has many traditions and festivals that locals gather and participate in yearly. The first two weeks of February are a magical time in Canmore during their Winter Carnival. This is a tradition that brings the whole community together to celebrate the joys of wintertime in the mountains. Other community-centred festivals include the Canmore Folk Music Festival, The Highland Games and Canmore Uncorked which is an award-winning food and beverage festival. 

Canmore ice cream


Canmore impressively features over 160kms of trails just within the town boundaries. Canmore’s trail network creates a township which is conveniently walkable for its residents. Whether you are commuting, running, biking, or on a leisurely stroll along the river, Canmore has a trail for you.  From Ha Ling Peak, Mount Lady Macdonald, Mount Lawrence Grassi and the Three Sisters, enjoy iconic mountain views all around Canmore. 

Canmore community promotes a family-friendly environment, you’ll find no shortage of places to play in Canmore. You will find over ten different outdoor playground locations for your youngsters to play in safety. While the weather doesn’t always cooperate, Canmore is home to Elevation Place is a new indoor recreation centre with pool, waterslides, rock climbing, fitness centre, and exercise classes. The Elevation Place also houses the town’s public library, this new Rec Center is a great spot for kids, teens and adults to burn off some extra energy. The Town of Canmore has an active minor hockey program and the AJHL Canmore Eagles provide exciting entertainment for hockey fans of all ages.  

When choosing a place to raise your family, education is a very important aspect of your new community. Canmore is home to public, Catholic and French-immersion schools. These schools will give you great confidence in your children’s educational futures. You may have noticed that the class sizes in Calgary are highly over-populated, the student to teacher ratio continues to grow. If you are contemplating a move to Canmore getting your children into quality school with lower class sizes and individual teacher to student attention might be a great reason to relocate. 


Canmore offers new stunning developments like the Seventh and Seventh; this neighbourhood is located a stone’s throw from Main Street and surrounded by all the amenities you would need. If you wish to live in the beautiful mountainside nature the Three Sisters Mountain Village sounds like the neighbourhood for you. Two excellent schools and the downtown core are all in walking distance. Canmore is introducing an Affordable Services Program which is a coordinated community response that provides eligible residents with increased access to supports aimed at making Canmore a Livable Community for all. This program is for residents with affordability challenges. It allows residents to sign up at one location, and understand what supports are available across Town. 

Canmore offers a full range of complementary and integrative health services and wellness specialists. Canmore also has a 72-bed hospital with over 60 practising physicians and surgeons. Dentists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Optometrists, Psychologists, Cancer Center, and many other health and wellness practitioners both traditional and alternative make Canmore their home. With Calgary less than an hour away, families in Canmore have plenty of healthcare options available to handle everything they may encounter or need. 


The Town of Canmore is aware of the importance of balance between economic growth and environmental stewardship. The community seeks to support businesses that take advantage of the incredible location while producing minimal environmental impact. There are strong growth opportunities in all business sectors in Canmore. At the heart of Canmore is their uniquely vibrant downtown core, Canmore welcomes new businesses who share their values and beliefs and adds to the authenticity of Canmore. Canmore provides a great spectrum of employment opportunities to their locals but is still conveniently located only 45 minutes away from Calgary. 

The Town of Canmore has seen huge growth over the last seven years. Many of the facilities and services that have been added or expanded include: Elevation Place, Arts Place, the Rec Centre, local and regional bus services, a new Materials Recycling Facility, the Legacy Trail, Affordable Housing, Beyond Curbside enhanced recycling and many other initiatives. Along with these new amenities, Canmore offers large city comfort with the safety and security of living in a small-town environment. Canmore is committed to the environment; the Town of Canmore will be installing voltaic systems on Elevation Place, artsPlace, Seniors Centre, the Roundhouse, and the waste management centre over the next two years. The Town has also received a grant to hire a climate change specialist for a two-year term to assist in decreasing our greenhouse gas emissions. 

Considering making the move to Canmore?

Making the move to Canmore many seem daunting, but it will be a decision you will not regret. Living in such a pristine environment unites you with nature and an outdoor lifestyle. Climbing, skiing, snowboarding, biking, pond-hockey are just some of the limitless activities you could enjoy daily when living in Canmore. The breathtaking beauty of the Canadian Rockies is truly magnificent. The environment is crisp and clean, and the communities work together as stewards of the land. Due to the close proximity to Calgary, Canmore isn’t as isolated as some believe. Only located 45 minutes from the edge of Calgary, enjoy many wondrous views on your drive through the Rockies. All in all, Canmore is a stunning town that would make a great home for all.