Moving to a newly built home or condo is exciting, but it’s also a busy, and sometimes overwhelming, time. In addition to the move there is a lot of information to process. One term you will hear frequently as you prepare to take possession is “new home warranty.”


What is new home warranty in Alberta? Is it important? How does one get coverage?


Today we will explain new home warranty in Alberta and how it protects homeowners.

Contractor looking at building under construction

The New Home Buyer Protection Act

The Government of Alberta mandates that all new single and multi-family homes, along with duplexes, condos, recreational properties and manufactured homes must have, at a minimum, one year warranty coverage on labour and materials, two years’ coverage on delivery/distribution systems, five years’ coverage on the building envelope (exterior walls, roof, cladding, etc.), and 10 years’ coverage on major structural components.


Why is this Protection Important?

Building a home or condo complex is a process that takes significant time and investment. While most builders and contractors in Alberta are trustworthy and work with integrity, there are times when a builder chooses speed over quality or uses products that fail before their expected life cycle. The New Home Buyer Protection Act discourages unscrupulous builders/contractors from working in the market and provides protection for home buyers to have issues fixed if they arise as a result of faulty workmanship or products.


Even when a builder takes every precaution, however, sometimes things still go wrong. Some products, like shingles and HVAC units, have lifespans in excess of 20 years. Despite rigorous testing, undetected issues could cause the product to fail a few years into its service. This is more common with new products that have not had a long time to be used in the market. When issues like this arise, the homeowner should not be unduly inconvenienced. New home warranty in Alberta helps resolve these issues.


How to Get New Home Warranty in Alberta

It is the responsibility of the builder to obtain the warranty. In fact, your builder will not be issued a permit in Alberta without proof of new home warranty coverage. This has been a mandatory step for every homebuilder since February 2014. The real estate agent or property developer provides the homeowner with a copy of the warranty. If a problem occurs, the property owner can contact the warranty provider directly for resolution.


New home warranty in Alberta covers the home, not the residents. That means, if you are moving into a previously enjoyed home (built after February 2014), the coverage is still in place (until such times as noted above).


Home builders have a choice of among seven new home warranty providers in Alberta. While all provide the mandatory coverage as listed above, providers can include extras such as deposit protection. If you are working with a builder or moving into a previously enjoyed home, be sure to understand your coverage. Do not assume your extra coverages are the same as your friend or family member who made a claim.


Homes covered by new home warranty in Alberta are registered. If you are conducting a purchase without the use of a real estate agent, and the home was built after February 2014, be sure to check the registry to ensure the protection you need is in place.


The Alberta New Home Warranty Program

When we talk about new home warranty in Alberta, most people automatically associate this with the Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP). This is one of seven options for builders, but it is one of the more popular choices. One of the draws of ANHWP is the homeowners’ portal on its website and the knowledge centre where anyone can go for information such as workmanship guides, surface water management, and home maintenance tips.


Distinctive Homes makes the Warranty Process Easy

Distinctive Homes is passionate about building superior homes with lasting value. We stand behind our work in every way and only work with proven products and the best local trades and suppliers. If an issue occurs during the first year of your comprehensive warranty period, our warranty services department is on hand to ensure a quick and painless resolution. Our homeowners are also provided with details of their new home warranty coverage during the possession process.


Interested in a Distinctive Home? Contact us or visit our website to learn how we put quality first.