Work Remotely in Three Sisters Mountain Village Canmore Alberta

The work from home revolution is here and it might be time for you to rethink where you truly want to be, and where new possibilities may lie for your new home office. Now is the time to consider leaving the city and working with a more scenic surrounding.

Work remotely and live in Canmore, Alberta

Why Canmore

Many of us, including employers, are seeing personal and productive benefits to moving your office to your home. Working from home provides great opportunities, and when you live and work in a place such as Canmore there are only benefits.

Canmore, Alberta has quickly become one of the most desirable mountain towns in the Canadian Rockies. A beautiful and enchanting town, Canmore offers a laid-back lifestyle, with a strong sense of community and incredible mountain views. Canmore is a unique mountain town because of its prime location. Located only 88 kilometres west of Calgary, Alberta, and minutes away from Banff’s east gate. It sits in an ideal location if you still need to make a visit to the city or want to explore deeper into the National Park. It truly is the best of both worlds. 

A well-established community, Canmore offers larger amenities, such as multiple grocery stores, recreation centres, medical and dental facilities, restaurants, cafes and much more. Because Canmore sits in such a prime location, it also has a great wifi connection. So there is no need to worry if you are able to connect and participate in conference calls. Canmore truly is unique, being a small mountain town but provides you with all the big city comforts. 

Work remotely and live in Canmore, Alberta

Improve Your Well being 

In a research poll, it was found that access to natural light and views of the outdoors are the greatest attributes to employee wellbeing. That being said living and working in the mountains has so many added health benefits. When you are enjoying nature and taking the opportunity for your personal well-being and work life balance, you will become more fulfilled, leading to an increased improvement in not only your personal life but your work performance. 

Working remotely is very much a new reality and has many of us questioning where we truly want to live. With this idea now circulating widely, many are searching for a new lifestyle and a new home environment that will give them the opportunity to be close to nature, stay healthy, explore and reap the benefits of rest and relaxation. By choosing to live and work closer to the outdoors you are already choosing a healthier lifestyle. When you live directly by a network of trails it is easy for you to pop out on your lunch break for a quick hike or bike ride. 

Here at Distinctive Homes we design and build homes that excite and complement life in the mountains. Accentuating the amazing mountains views through large vaulted windows and allowing for plenty of natural light to enter the home. No matter where you decide to purchase your new mountain home with Distinctive Homes, you will always be directly connected with an abundance of nature trails. Letting you refresh and enjoy nature faster, which will help both physically and mentally when you take breaks while working in your mountain home. 

Live and work remotely in Canmore, Alberta

Don’t Feel Burnt Out 

Burning out at work in the city is becoming increasingly prevalent. When you choose to live and work in the mountains you are going to be able to reset and recharge out in mother nature way faster. You will no longer be wasting your early mornings sitting in the car, but instead heading up the mountain for an early sunrise hike. 

Living and working in the mountains will allow for a well rounded lifestyle where you can enjoy the many outdoor activities. When possible, schedule your work days to allow time for family and personal activities.

If you are getting close to your retirement and feeling a little burnt out already, it might be time to make the move to the mountains now. By working remotely and starting your new daily mountain life routine you will be gaining a healthier lifestyle sooner. As well as, an easier transition toward retirement. 

Work remotely in Canmore, Alberta and live the mountain lifestyle

Room to Roam 

One of the main reasons that everyone makes their way out to take part in the mountain lifestyle is the immense amount of outdoor activities and living in a place where there is an extensive amount of room for you to roam. 

When you make Canmore your permanent home and become a local in the community, you will discover the best trails and the best times to enjoy the trails. Find out what living and working in the mountains is really all about and see why the locals have chosen to call Canmore home.

Learn what you can do before and after work or even at lunch time. Many locals squeeze in a quick bike ride and are known for taking zoom calls directly on the trails. In winter, grab yourself a ski pass and experience some midweek skiing, with almost no lines and powdered runs all to yourself. There are endless possibilities for you to have a great work life balance when you choose to live in Canmore. 

Become one of the few you are lucky enough to call this place home and take full advantage of the incredible outdoors… because there’s a lot of it. There is one thing for certain and that is that you will never be bored, there is always a new peak to climb or a new hidden run on the ski hill for you to try. Work From Home

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Make the Move

Even as the pandemic will slow down, many employees will continue to work from home, so why not make the permanent move to Canmore today and enjoy a work life balance like no other.