Getting the keys to your new home is exciting, but that’s just one part in the journey to make your house a home. Let’s look at the process from a builder’s perspective and show you some of the people that put love, care, and craftsmanship into your new home.


The architect & the engineer

Any new home starts with an architect and an engineer. The architect is the designer. They lay out the flow and function of the home, and also add elements of style. An engineer ensures the plans for the home are structurally sound, that the load bearing walls can take the anticipated weight, etc. Both the architect and the engineer are licensed professionals working within provincial and federal guidelines.

architects and designers


The trades

Once the plans are finalized, it’s time to start building. A contractor and many subtrades enter the equation at this point. In fact, expect 10 or more subtrades to work on building a new home. A few of these subtrades include excavators, landscapers, concrete contractors, carpenters, framers, masons, electricians, plumbers, drywallers, painters, millwrights, glazers, flooring installers, and cabinet builders.


The interior designers

Interior designers help with the form and function of the new home and play a big role in its styling. They determine which finishings would look best, and how to match colours and patterns to their strongest advantage.


The cleaners

Building a new home creates a lot of dust and debris. Even though each subtrade is responsible for cleaning up their worksite, Distinctive Homes hires a professional cleaner once the building process is complete.


The sales team

The sales team for a development shows you around the showhome or show suite and discusses with you which lots/units are available, and the finishing touches you can choose to make it your own. A Realtor arranges for viewings on a new home and can help you sell your existing property.


Real estate lawyers

Buying a new home involves a lot of legal paperwork. The real estate lawyer helps you navigate this, and guides you through obtaining and providing the necessary documents. They review the sales agreement and other important documents with you, ensuring you understand what you are signing.


You, the buyer

The last piece of the puzzle is you. You’ve been looking for the perfect place to call home. Thanks to the efforts of architects, engineers, designers, tradespeople, the sales team, and lawyers – all with a vested interest in you having a home you love – you can have the new home you’ve always dreamed of.


New homes with a difference: Distinctive Homes

At Distinctive Homes, our focus is on you. We utilize the top talent in the industry to ensure our condos and homes are beautiful, structurally sounds, ideally designed, and the process of buying a unit is fast, efficient, and affordable. From the moment you decide you want a Distinctive Home to the minute you get your keys, your experience with us will be a great one. Contact us today to learn more.